Eye Eye’s Army @ UCA Rochester

eyes army

Eye Eye’s Army is actually individual drawings from the majority of my third year group in CG Arts & Animation at UCA Rochester. After having a entertaining Emo Eye debate with Chrissie I sent around a piece of paper looking to collect eye designs from everyone I could possibly get my hands on, just Read more […]

Chrissie’s anti Emo Eye Manifesto @ UCA Rochester

emo eyes

This is actually a piece of animation paper which Chrissie chose to insist that our character “Benjamin Badgersworth” for animated short “& Son” should not have sad eyes. There was a bit of back and forth resulting in me doodling a face with sad eyes. Chrissie put sunglasses on him to lose them… It Read more […]

Sammy Mocking my work @ UCA Rochester


This is the image I returned to after having a short bathroom break. Sammy had turned my character into some kind of weird duck thing… I can only turn and thank god the the Undo button. Anyway I thought it would be a good thing to document

Rosslehoff @ his Pad

Rosslehoff Goofy

Just thought I’d post this image up again because it makes me chuckle. For those of you that don’t know I work with Ross in my independent games company “Free Fall Interactive Limited”.

Minor Project Briefing @ UCA Rochester


This is a shot of my CG Arts year just before the Minor Project Briefing. This is when we were told of our workload for the rest of 2013.

Another Nat Doodle @ UCA Rochester

nats weird face

I asked Nat if she wanted to try out my new IPAD Pen. This is the face she drew… Its hard to know if she was thinking of me or someone else with a big nose :/

Nat’s Rendition of Ernesta @ UCA Rochester


Nat knocked this up in a 3D modelling class on the IPAD. Ernesta was as shocked as I was… I think. I had no idea Ernesta was some kind of weird demon.

R.I.P Dad – Love you!


Your host “Stitch” lost his dad (David Vandepeer Sr.) last year (2012) on August 14th. The anniversary of this was no less then 2 weeks ago. A day doesn’t go by that he is not missed.

Stitch @ Halloween 2011 – Rocker!

Stitch Halloween

This was a costume Stitch wore on Halloween a couple of years back. Found it on my Phone and realised how idiotic I looked. However, it was an experience to have a decent excuse to try eyeliner. ROCK ON!!

Ross @ Duelshock Trailer Shoot

Ross Hat

This was my business partner Ross Castle May wearing a colander helmet on the day of our first trailer shoot. We were there on the day as on site special FX. Let me tell you it was freezing but the cast were proper nice guys!

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