Exclusive Leap – Cogman Animation Reference

Animation Reference is always a fun thing to shoot especially because you never know what you will catch on camera. Most of it looks kind of silly but when you slow it down you suddenly understand how the animation curves would go. Animation curves are the projected flow of a moving object a good example Read more […]

R.I.P Dad – Love you!


Your host “Stitch” lost his dad (David Vandepeer Sr.) last year (2012) on August 14th. The anniversary of this was no less then 2 weeks ago. A day doesn’t go by that he is not missed.

Stitch @ Halloween 2011 – Rocker!

Stitch Halloween

This was a costume Stitch wore on Halloween a couple of years back. Found it on my Phone and realised how idiotic I looked. However, it was an experience to have a decent excuse to try eyeliner. ROCK ON!!

Operation Z – Introduction: Part 1

This is the first of my Z Brush Introduction series geared towards teaching the basics of the 3D Sculpting application “ZBrush” with its present corresponding version. Operation Z will also be used to showcase a number of models created by myself (Stitch). I will also try to talk my business partner Read more […]

Creative Step 1: The Idea & Belief

The first creative step I go through before developing a concept. The initial idea can be scary mainly because it can be anything at this point, I generally find that it takes a severe amount of belief in the direction of the idea for it to become a reality. Creative steps are not an exact science but Read more […]

Angry Bear: The Closing Points…

…of the match. I remember this like it was yesterday,. Dan never looked so good falling from the top of a ladder with a carrier bag of grass falling after him. Dan found the experience quite shocking as he climbed in a rage after having a bottle of cherry aid thrown on top of him by opponent “Ben Read more […]

Welcome to the 365 Day Project

The 365 day project is a statement to those that are curious about what it is to be a creative professional in modern media. The goal of the project is to show a years worth of work from September 2012 – September 2013 with not a day to spare on either side. 365 Days means exactly that. This website Read more […]

The 365 Day Project Sub Topics

The 365 Day project was a complicated thought process by itself, it was this which made me consider implementing Sub Topics – little hierarchies that allow me to file everything away in its correct place. Below I will list the topics that will be covered by this project with their corresponding logo. Read more […]

Ross @ Duelshock Trailer Shoot

Ross Hat

This was my business partner Ross Castle May wearing a colander helmet on the day of our first trailer shoot. We were there on the day as on site special FX. Let me tell you it was freezing but the cast were proper nice guys!

How to Post on the Drop Shop

I’m hoping that this video helps people who wish to submit a couple of images to the Drop Shop who may not be familiar with the word press interface. First, don’t worry its not difficult and if I can tell you how to do it in an 8 minute video (shown above) then its even easier then I’ve described it. Read more […]

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StitchI am currently an undergraduate at UCA Rochester studying CG Arts & Animation. I made this website to communicate what it takes to work in the creative industries of today. It is also a time capsule of memories to never forget.