The Doodler Update: Week 5

Week 5 has once again seen further development for the story with the draft storyboards making their way to the animatic stage. Story director Sammy Butler has been drawing her socks off to have a basic animatic to show for next weeks Greenlight Review. The video above shows Sammy during the process Read more […]

The Doodler Update: Week 4

Another week has passed us by something which seems to happen so fast when we undertake our briefs. Week 4 has primarily been story centric with Story Director Sammy Butler getting her hands dirty with some immense story board calamities. Myself (Stitch) and Chrissie Peters have been moving ever forward Read more […]

Sammy Mocking my work @ UCA Rochester


This is the image I returned to after having a short bathroom break. Sammy had turned my character into some kind of weird duck thing… I can only turn and thank god the the Undo button. Anyway I thought it would be a good thing to document

Rosslehoff @ his Pad

Rosslehoff Goofy

Just thought I’d post this image up again because it makes me chuckle. For those of you that don’t know I work with Ross in my independent games company “Free Fall Interactive Limited”.

The Doodler Update: Week 3


….Is what Sammy Butler asked herself in Week 1 as did we all. The good news is we were not completely up s*** creek without a paddle. We had a story to go from we just had to refine, adjust and refine it again. Now we are at Week 3 and things are getting even more interesting as we adapt our story Read more […]

Operation Z – ZSphere Introduction

The video above is an introduction into the ZSphereing process. This process allows one to sculpt organic forms with ease and ultimately allows basic control over gesture and character. Using spheres a character can be built and converted into geometry which can be retroactively moved to create and eventually Read more […]

Operation Z – “Benjamin” ZSphere

This is the method of using ZSpheres to create a basic human form. ZSphere characters have the ability to be adjusted with ease from each respective spherical joint. These spheres can even be posed while in this stage to show character. The video above is a quick 1 minute time lapse capture showing the Read more […]

Minor Project Briefing @ UCA Rochester


This is a shot of my CG Arts year just before the Minor Project Briefing. This is when we were told of our workload for the rest of 2013.

Another Nat Doodle @ UCA Rochester

nats weird face

I asked Nat if she wanted to try out my new IPAD Pen. This is the face she drew… Its hard to know if she was thinking of me or someone else with a big nose :/

Nat’s Rendition of Ernesta @ UCA Rochester


Nat knocked this up in a 3D modelling class on the IPAD. Ernesta was as shocked as I was… I think. I had no idea Ernesta was some kind of weird demon.

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