Operation Z – ZSphere Introduction

The video above is an introduction into the ZSphereing process. This process allows one to sculpt organic forms with ease and ultimately allows basic control over gesture and character. Using spheres a character can be built and converted into geometry which can be retroactively moved to create and eventually pose a character.Benjamin Pose LineupThe image above is a singular form created using ZSpheres. The Zspheres are then posed and turned into Adaptive Skin (geometry which can be read by other 3d modelling programs – Maya, Max, etc). This allows one to see if their form is preferable for their character biography.zsphere

Above is one of the forms that I created for polydoodle pictures, notice that the forms are in spheres. It is easy to move the bones as they rotate over the spherical joints. Form can be adjusted and reshaped to make something completely different each time. In many ways ZSpheres are just bones and joints.

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