The Doodler Update: Week 5

Week 5 has once again seen further development for the story with the draft storyboards making their way to the animatic stage. Story director Sammy Butler has been drawing her socks off to have a basic animatic to show for next weeks Greenlight Review. The video above shows Sammy during the process of creating the draft animatic in Premiere Pro. Everything is heating up as we near the end of the pre-production phase (hopefully by next week).

In other news myself and Chrissie Peters have been playing with a new process (at least to us) using our base forms to create costume options for our characters. We have been using light boxes to draw them on in paper layers… Very cool stuff, I’ll do a video of it next week when we are deeper into it.

Doodler Week 3

Above you can see some image highlights from our blog for this week (week 5). If you wish to see the posts themselves please visit the Polydoodle Pictures studio blog.

Alan Tutorial

This week we were without one of our Tutorials as our lecturer Phil had obligations to the year 1 crit. Never the less we still spoke to Alan and he gave us some final alterations to make to the storyboards making it less aggressive. He once again advised us to try and optimize some of our shots which is still difficult to do without knowing how the complete animatic will flow. By next week we will know more…

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