The Doodler Update: Week 6

Week 6 has seen some trials and tribulations, we have been focusing on getting our main 4 characters finalized to the best of our ability. We are aiming to make them something we can all agree on so we can continue to develop this idea collaboratively. Sammy is finalizing the animatic for our animated short, while Chrissie focuses on experimenting with 2D & 3D in Maya.

I have been working on costume tests before jumping head first into turnarounds for the 3D models, there will also be some expression sheets and following concept art in the coming weeks. The models are to be crafted very soon and as time wears away quickly we do not have long to get these little bits and pieces squared away.

Doodler Week 3

Above you can see some image highlights from our blog for this week (week 6). If you wish to see the posts themselves please visit the Polydoodle Pictures studio blog.

Alan Tutorial

Phil Tutorial

Phil and Alan’s advise this week was just instructing us on what to show in the green-light review next week, we were assigned our roles to continue onward. The presentation should not be a flurry of development which we have done, it should be where we are now and where we go from here. Things are only going to get more and more exciting from here! Stay Tuned!!

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