The Doodler Update: Week 8

For week 8 there was a bit of a hiatus as we had dissertation drafts to get ready for submission. This meant there was very little Polydoodle updates going on but never the less I thought I would post up a few bits of work which were not accepted or at least were not ready for “& Son”. The video for this week is a flashback into one of our very first discussions back in September, its been quite a ride.

Prior to submission I had a play with Benjamin’s anatomy and finalised our costume tests. In addition I submitted some extra work which I never posted on the blog… Its mainly because its rough but I had to pad this weeks updates so I thought why not.

Doodler Week 3

Above you can see some image highlights from our blog for this week (week 8). If you wish to see the posts themselves please visit the Polydoodle Pictures studio blog.

& Son Early Biography Discussion

This week the audio logs are a very old conversation I had with Sammy and Chrissie on the very first day of our Polydoodle Collaboration. The discussions on the recording included character biography’s for “& Son”. It seems like it was yesterday… cant believe its been 3 months…

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