The Doodler Update: Week 14

Week 14 the Christmas week is the slowest this project is likely to hit mainly because its Christmas and Polydoodle are not Scrooges. We very much like to celebrate Christmas, however I did find time to do a little bit of Polypainting for good old Benjamin after running a couple of tests on his UV Maps. Check out the video above to see the process being undertaken, on another note… Merry Christmas all!!

The image below shows the Benjamin model being moved into ZBrush and then a small quick painting test I did to make sure the UV Maps were working without stretching. Then comes the polypainting and the final painted UV Maps. Lastly you can see the model which I created a little animated gif turnaround.. All of these entries can be found over on the Polydoodle Blog in full your just going to have to go there to see the full updates.

Doodler Week 14

Above you can see some image highlights from our blog for this week (week 14). If you wish to see the posts themselves please visit the Polydoodle Pictures studio blog.

No tutorials this week, its Christmas and the University is closed and there are no Polydoodle Discussions regarding the project. We have our own tasks to achieve over Christmas into the new year. To keep your appetites peeled I thought I would also show you the Polycount Subdivision comparisons. Check them out and Merry Christmas to all!!

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