The Doodler Update: Week 15

Well it is Week 15 and things are still a little slow in the Polydoodle camp as we are on the dawn of 2014! Never the less there have been a couple of posts worth mentioning over here on the 365 Day Project. Polydoodle Chrissie finally sat down to show some of her amazing environment models which combined make our fictional little haven for “& Son”. You are in for a treat with these little beauties!

Meanwhile Polydoodle Sammy has been working hard on illustrating our second draft animatic for the masses to see and appreciate. You can see it at the top of this post just in case you wanted to see how this little tale will pan out. Sammy has been working on this little story for a while so it has gone through a number of renditions. This version is undoubtedly one of the most refined for this stage in the process.

Doodler Week 15

Above you can see some image highlights from our blog for this week (week 15). If you wish to see the posts themselves please visit the Polydoodle Pictures studio blog.

In other news we are still away on Christmas break until next week (6th Jan) which is also when our minor project is due for hand in. While this is going down I am finishing off the Young Barnabas character model which is adapted from the Benjamin model. Check out the video above to see how I took on this little feat. Polydoodle wishes everyone in CG Arts and the world a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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