The Doodler Update: Week 18

For week 18 I thought I would share our Minor Project submission for the crit. This primarily consists of a combined video (shown above) containing our developed 3D assets (characters, props, environment). This is not all of them but the other 2 are in the works. There have been a few problems with the character models most notably my belief in ZBrush retopology as a method to creating 3D assets…

I am grateful that my partners have been patient for the characters, although I do feel as though I have let us down. Sammy and Chrissie have been working hard of developing the props and environments my responsibility is providing the cast. I will do my best to meet the brief I just fear that my faith in ZBrush has penalised this project a tad. Everyone reading this don’t consider ZBrush without a base.

As I said before this week is a little different there were no tutorials just the completion of our minor. Above is our progressing “Art Of” document for “& Son”, there are a few bugs but its looking pretty good this far. To be honest we are all a little shocked about how much work has gone into this project already. This Art of will eventually be printed as a complete book once the “& Son” Project is complete.

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