The Doodler Update: Week 20

It is week 20, already and we really cannot believe it. Everyone is hard at work making sure all of our I’s are dotted and T’s crossed. Stitch has been working on the finishing touches with Barnabas finalizing the model and UV shells/seams. The featured video above is a little look into the process for porting models from Autodesk Maya to ZBrush and then examining the ZUV’s a handy feature of ZBrush.

See the finished Barnabas multipass above, he is finished!. In other news, our resident 2D artist Chrissie has been working on a number of our 2D props and characters with her unique visual style. She is also drawing a number of our 2D characters for the opening of our little short and beyond. For those of you that do not know we are combining 2D characters/props with 3D characters/props.

Last but not least Sammy has been hard at work on Benjamin, there were a number of criticisms towards his original spikey hair. Sammy has taken it upon herself to try to flatten his hair or even curl it to make it more “British” and less “Eastern”. She has dedicated a presentation to Benjamin’s hair (please see the slide above) which shows the hoops she jumped through trying to find the correct way.

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