Welcome to the 365 Day Project

The 365 day project is a statement to those that are curious about what it is to be a creative professional in modern media. The goal of the project is to show a years worth of work from September 2012 – September 2013 with not a day to spare on either side. 365 Days means exactly that.


This website is a time capsule of a period I do not wish to forget, the final year of my undergraduate degree at UCA Rochester. The 365 day stream will go on for my entire final year of university so feel free to drop in from time to time and see what I’m working on :)

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Anyway if you are in the area or are bored wondering what to do, come to the site, feel free to stop by and say “Hi” I wont bite. This website is my gift to my family and is in memory of my Dad the late “David Vandepeer Sr”. Anyway please enjoy your stay at Project 365 we hope to make it enjoyable.

One Response to “Welcome to the 365 Day Project”
  1. Sam Mahone says:

    Hey, just curious but when does the site officially go live?

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About Stitch

StitchI am currently an undergraduate at UCA Rochester studying CG Arts & Animation. I made this website to communicate what it takes to work in the creative industries of today. It is also a time capsule of memories to never forget.