The 365 Day Project Sub Topics

The 365 Day project was a complicated thought process by itself, it was this which made me consider implementing Sub Topics – little hierarchies that allow me to file everything away in its correct place.

Below I will list the topics that will be covered by this project with their corresponding logo. Alternatively watch the video above for more information.

abear Angry Bear: Stitch’s past which believe it or not is what got him started with his first bit of digital software: Photoshop. Amongst these past experiences are amateur Jackass stunts and wrestling bouts plus a couple of ridiculous short film concepts. This topic is all about fun and my own personal experiences which I want to remember some day…
dshop The Drop Shop: Is a fun little community based topic. It is the simplest thing to use to make it community friendly. It is basically a photo archive of images which students can use but only for the duration of the project. It is an albumn of memories to look back on.
eleap Exclusive Leap: An informative topic disclosing the exploits of Stitch’s independent company “Free Fall Interactive Limited” as they attempt to build and create their first independent game. There are also other side projects that fall within the Free Fall Interactive Hierarchy, these projects will be showcased where I am able so bear with me.
sguide Step Guide: This is basically Stitch’s personal methodology when it comes to pursuing creative feats. Throughout these posts Stitch will talk in simple terms about his personal processes in response to client briefs… targeted at people who don’t understand but wish to.
tdood The Doodler: This is my Year 3 University Project in which I have banded with 2 other people to form a miniature studio “Polydoodle Pictures”. Throughout the course of my final year at University I will be posting small updates from our project on this site for everyone to see. This is a chance for people to follow our team based exploits.
opz Operation Z: Is my ZBrush exploits. For those of you that do not know ZBrush is a 3D modelling program primarily used for character design. Over the course of this project I will be using ZBrush to show a couple of tutorials and build my own 3D models for our projects.
ujustin UCA Just In: This is to showcase other student projects and creative methodologies. I will use this to interview certain students and lecturers on my course (CG Arts & Animation) at UCA Rochester. This is an inside look beyond my own processes at the future of CG Arts. I will post what I am allowed by the students, people who wish to Opt out have to let me know…

I hope this answers any questions you may have, if you are lost and confused about anything.
Please contact me and ill try to explain or help if anyone needs advice.

Anyway I will see you all soon on D-Day not long to go now! :)

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