Angry Bear: The Closing Points…

…of the match.

I remember this like it was yesterday,. Dan never looked so good falling from the top of a ladder with a carrier bag of grass falling after him. Dan found the experience quite shocking as he climbed in a rage after having a bottle of cherry aid thrown on top of him by opponent “Ben Foley”. It was David Vandepeer (aka Daring Dave) who delivered the finishing blow. Poor poor Dan 😛

Humiliative Wrestling Federation Pic

The image above shows one of the first logos I made in Photoshop for HWF. When I was younger I did a hell of a lot of outdoor activity which mostly saw us trying very stupid things. HWF (Humiliative Wrestling Federation) was our crap version of the WWF (World Wrestling Federation).

Dan Dead

As you can see from the before and after photos above, Dan did not have the props after the match in fact we walked home and he laid down. I decided to let him rest even though at the time we tended to use shaving foam on people who slept at my place. I thought he had been through enough…

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  1. RobinwoBatman says:

    Hahahaha, look at that guy, you well and truly knocked him down a couple of pegs…

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