Creative Step 1: The Idea & Belief

The first creative step I go through before developing a concept. The initial idea can be scary mainly because it can be anything at this point, I generally find that it takes a severe amount of belief in the direction of the idea for it to become a reality. Creative steps are not an exact science but I believe there are certain guidelines that help when you are trying to develop a unique concept.


Ideas are a dime a dozen my Lecturer Phil Gomm always told me in the beginning stages to do as many as possible because they are cheap at this point and are expendable. This is because they are nothing but scribbles in a notepad until you make them something more.

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StitchI am currently an undergraduate at UCA Rochester studying CG Arts & Animation. I made this website to communicate what it takes to work in the creative industries of today. It is also a time capsule of memories to never forget.