Operation Z – “Benjamin” ZSphere

This is the method of using ZSpheres to create a basic human form. ZSphere characters have the ability to be adjusted with ease from each respective spherical joint. These spheres can even be posed while in this stage to show character. The video above is a quick 1 minute time lapse capture showing the creation of a base ZSphere character from scratch.ZSphere Dummy SchematicThe ZSphere schematic (shown above) illustrates some of the joints and rotation points of these dummy ZSphere models. This would mean that at this particular level a character form is a chameleon able to change into any base form. It may be blobby but form can still be found.Benjamin Forms 16-20The image above shows some examples I created while trying to establish a characters form. Believe it or not these were created from the base form in the image and video above.

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