About the Project

The 365 Day Project is a window into the life of an Undergraduate CG Arts Student in his final year of University. The project will run from September 1st 2013 – September 1st 2014. Throughout this period viewers will hear and see from various creative projects. Students will be interviewed to disclose their own creative methodologies.


A 365 day stream will run from this websites host “David John Vandepeer (aka Stitch) allowing everyone to view his work as he creates it. This website will also be a time capsule for students to look back on and hopefully laugh at as they progress through their respective careers. With any luck this will be a fun time to remember for everyone who wishes to take part. Obviously if people wish to opt out they will be given the opportunity… I know some people are camera shy.

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About Stitch

StitchI am currently an undergraduate at UCA Rochester studying CG Arts & Animation. I made this website to communicate what it takes to work in the creative industries of today. It is also a time capsule of memories to never forget.