Watch the 365 Day Stream

This is your window into my private domain. The feed streams my personal webcam as well as the activity on my computer screen. You may also hear some sound if I have something to say. If I don’t I will deactivate the mic because chances are I will be listening to music and I doubt you will want to hear that…

If the feed is not up it will likely mean that I am out but I will be on the feed at least once per day. If the feed doesn’t load (Connection Failed) or it crashes, refresh the page until it works…

The image below shows a sample of what you should see in the video above. You will see my ugly mug to the top right and behind that is my entire computer screen.

Stream Image1

Last but not least if you have any questions I refer you to the right of this feed to the “10 things this is” and “10 things this is not” sections. If you have any other questions you can mail me from the contact page.

Computer Setup

The live feed will begin on the 1st of September at 8pm Greenwich mean time (GMT). The image above shows you my setup, I can only show one monitor at a time so I will stream different ones accordingly.

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